Spa Treatments

spa treatments at the Red Barn Retreat

Spa treatments are conveniently available on property.  Please scroll down for spa reviews!

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Swedish Massage

60 minutes  $85

With just the right amount of pressure, easing tension and reducing stress,

this swedish-based massage will leave you refreshed and renewed.


Deep Tissue Massage

75 minutes  $135

Eliminate deep muscle tension using advanced techniques while focusing on those areas

of your body that over time have become tense and achy.  By releasing those deep tensions, your body

will experience a natural state of harmony once again.


Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes  $160

Warm, smooth basalt stones create a sense of peace and tranquility

during this very relaxing treatment allowing your body to let go of daily tension

and leaving you with a feeling of total wellbeing.    


Aromatherapy Facial

60 minutes $110


90 minutes $155

(includes a full massage)

Using the finest essential oils, in addition to soothing botanicals

and comforting warm towels, our custom blended facials are designed to revitalize your skin.

All of our facials include a soothing neck, hand, and foot massage.


Please email or call Gabi to book a massage during your stay!


Spa Guest Comments

“I’m so happy to have experienced a massage by Gabi.  I have a massage on most vacations but this one was truly transformative.  She has a superb intuitive manner which puts you at ease immediately.  Within minutes I drifted away to a relaxed calm place I’ve not known for a long time.  And the best thing is that the calmness stayed with me for hours after the massage.  I was not surprised to hear from locals in town that she is one of the most in demand massage therapists in Mendocino.”  -JJ 

“Gabi’s touch is invitingly gentle, while right “on” when the touch has to reach a bit deeper, into those tight places. Gabi’s treatment feels like  relaxing into a warm, kind, compassionate embrace! Just what I need at times.  So very lovely, and oh, do I love those hot stones!”   -JR

“Gabi finds – and then fixes – those areas in your back you didn’t even know you had! Ahh, what a gift!”  -RC

“The best part of my trip to the Red Barn Retreat was the wonderful massage I had by Gabi, as the studio is conveniently right above the little house. It was so nice to slip upstairs for a massage. The massage room has a wonderful view and provides a tranquil atmosphere to unwind and lose the stresses of the office. Bottom line – would I go there again? Yes.”  -BS

“I have heard the term ‘healing hands’ used all too many times, but Gabi actually embodies what that term really means. My massage was extraordinary and I can’t wait for my next one. Thank you, Gabi!” -VK

“As a ‘local’ we know all of the massage therapists in town.  Gabi is the massage therapist of choice.  She always asks if any areas need special work and makes sure that they receive extra attention. My neck always gives me trouble because of the work I do. I come away from a “Gabi massage” truly relaxed and ready to hit the work world again”.     -KR

“I have worked with Gabi for several years in her capacity as a healer.  Gabi has an intuitive knowledge of areas that need attention. She targets hurt areas and brings healing and calm.  Gabi is the best choice for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage”.  -LB

“I consider Gabi an excellent healer as well as a highly skilled massage therapist.  During my healing time following cancer and surgeries, regular massage from Gabi was a valuable part of my pain relief regimen.  I highly recommend her massage skills.” -DI

“The best massage and body work on the North Coast and beyond is from Gabi. Her loving hands and gentle manner revive the body and soul.  She is the best!!” JH     707.357.4991

Little River, California